Same song, different versions. A story starting in 2011 and with a release in 2021.

Some songs are just like a decent whiskey… The longer they are stored on a shelf, the better they just get. ‘Just Because (reprise)’ is a song like that. It’s the original take from the 2011 recording sessions at Ukonhattu in Lapland (Finland), but never made it to the actual MUSHER ‘Just Because’ album. Instead, the song got a revise in the 2012 sessions in a more easy-going John Mayer style as the musical energy and the vocal skills of the original track didn’t meet to keep the energy throughout the song. A contribution of a brass section to this song was recorded later in the Netherlands and made it way more powerful, which made it even harder to catch up with steady vocals. The song ended up on the shelf… but not forgotten!

Now it’s 10 years later and there are plenty of reasons to think of why to celebrate! We need a happy track, and it was already there… except for the vocal parts. The lead vocals has been recorded at the Pro Music Studio, where the backings have been recorded by the original drummer and bass player in Lapland.
In short; This is an unexpected MUSHER reunion after ten years, but with a soundtrack to make the world a happier playground! The winter snow cover of the Just Because album (2012) gets a summer sandy version (2021). Have a nice summer… Just because!

René Köhler (vocals, guitar), Antti Rikkilä (drums, percussion, vocals), Lasse Harma (bass, guitar, vocals), José de Bloois (vocals), Joris Moolenaar (Trombone), Robert van Goethem (Trumpet, Flugelhorn).

Link to the track: